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Tri Nature Vs Grey Water Systems

Are Tri Nature products suitable for use in Grey Water Treatment Systems?

The expansion of urban sprawl has led many local authorities to encourage householders to install one of the numerous multi-stage effluent/grey water systems currently on the market.

With the prospect of town sewage treatment being unavailable to many new urban areas, these systems offer more aesthetically pleasing and environmentally acceptable methods of treating home effluent than the septic tank.

The downside, if there is one, seems to be the fragile chemical balance that has to be protected to ensure continued functioning.  Most problems arise from excessive or improper use of chemicals that poison the system killing the viable enzymes and bacteria, necessary for the digestion of waste.

How then does Tri Nature rate as providers of cleaning products suitable for use in these systems?

The answer is very well!

There are 3 factors in the use of household cleaning products that affect the health and performance of the digestive organisms.

  1. The general toxicity of the product.
  2. The concentration of the products in the system.
  3. The extent to which they change the pH of the system.

Whilst there is no excuse for over use, it is logical to assume that the lower the toxicity of the product, the higher the concentration can be tolerated.

Tri Nature’s products are recommended on numerous grounds.

  1. They are readily biodegradable, resulting in a greater degree of breakdown occurring during the relatively short process of time.
  2. Tri Nature products have no strong biocidal action and are not toxic to the viable bacteria, when used according to instructions.
  3. Tri Nature products are very efficient and therefore less chemical can be properly used to achieve a desired result. Less chemical therefore goes into the system.
  4. Tri Nature products are generally less alkaline than ordinary products and are less likely to affect the delicate pH balance of the system.

Used prudently and according to instructions, Tri Nature’s products provide a safer alternative than most cleaning compounds.

Why are Tri Nature products safe for use in Bio-cycle type systems and septic tank systems?

The answer is because of their good biodegradability and overall gentle characteristics.

Tri Nature products are eminently suitable for use in all compact effluent treatment systems.

All products in the Tri Nature range may be safely used in these systems.

The major concern in maintaining a healthy system is to ensure that the enzymes and digestive bacteria present remain viable and healthy.  Under good conditions the colonies are self generating.  There are a number of things that can cause poisoning of the system and kill the bacteria.  Two major problems that can be caused by improper use of chemicals are a sudden or dramatic change in pH, as might occur with excessive use of acidic or alkaline products, and a high level use of disinfectants.  The philosophy regarding the use of chemicals in these systems should always be one of moderation.

We must remember that Tri Nature products are sold as concentrates and that proper use according to Tri Nature’s recommendation is important in all circumstances to eliminate wastage.  It maybe considered even more important in unsewered areas.

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