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About Tri Nature

How it Started

In case you haven’t heard about Tri Nature, let me tell you a bit about it.

In the late ’70’s, a biochemist called Brian McLean (AACC) noticed the blue-green algae suffocating the waterways around the Hunter Region had become.  Knowing that much of this was caused by phosphates generally found in household laundry products, Brian set out to do something about it by creating a laundry powder that would do no harm.

Enter Robert Fernance (OAM, FCES, FTMA, FAIM) as a partner and financial backer.  10 years, several government grants and $10 million later, Tri Nature was born with just 11 products.  The Alpha Plus Laundry Powder was one of these and remains the same formula to this day.  The technology was so advanced, the rest of the world is just catching up.

What’s Different about Tri Nature?

Here’s a few of my favourite reasons for using Tri Nature.

It Works!

I have been through so many eco brands that may be safer for the environment but they were just rubbish performance wise.  I was highly skeptical when I first purchased Tri Nature and I was very happily surprised with the results every time I tried a new product.

Highly active concentrates that are extremely efficient in use.

It can actually save you a fair bit of money!  There are between 6 and 8 people in our house (depending on who comes home) so cost is always a factor for me.  I have found that generally, the products work out cheaper per use than most of the supermarket brands, particularly those other brands marketed as eco friendly or for sensitive skins.

Made in Australia

Tri Nature was developed and is manufactured in Australia and gosh that’s hard to find these days.  For me, knowing that it’s made in Australia not only means local jobs, it means complete control over exactly what is going into the products. There are just too many examples of overseas manufacturers substituting cheap imitation ingredients with deterimental results.  Made in Australia means that is not a concern.  Tri Nature is a 100% Australian owned company so all the profits stay here.

Made from organic, gentle, plant and mineral based, non-toxic ingredients.

There are no chemical nasties in Tri Nature products so everything is suitable (read: ideal) for people with very sensitive skin, fragrance intolerances and allergies.  Over the years, a number of suitably qualified people have looked extensively into the ingredients used and every single one of them has come back and said that they cannot fault the ingredients or the products. They are what they say they are.  Google Tri Nature and you will be very hard pressed to find any negative press.  An impressive feat for a company in business for 27 years!

  • NO SLS or Parabens.
  • NO caustics, chlorine, harsh acids, alkalis or formaldehyde.
  • NO phosphates, nitrates or zeolites.  See my blog on what zeolites are and why they are worse for our environment than phosphates!
  • NO petrochemical solvents, fillers or extenders.  So you’re not paying for the stuff some companies add to fill up the bag and make you feel like you’re getting a lot but it’s not actually doing anything.
  • NO animal by-products or animal testing (CCF accredited).  Just tested on the lab staff, the office staff and mothers in law.

Ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Tri Nature will not strip the earth of its population of wild krill.  All ingredients come from sustainable sources.  Many ingredients come from Australia.  Those that cannot be found here are sourced through companies like Conservation International to ensure they also come from ethical and sustainable sources.

ALL ingredients disclosed

ALL ingredients are listed (not just the active ones) under their correct names so you can identify what they are.  This information is provided up front on the website, along with the MSDS/SDS for each product.  Having asked for this information from other companies several times in the past, it’s refreshing to find this approach.


Family Safe!

I would never recommend eating the products (and I can tell you they taste awful), but if someone accidentally ingests any of the Tri Nature range, they will suffer no permanent damage as a result.  This includes the dishwasher powder, which is normally the most toxic thing in any household.

Rash Friendly

Ideal for even the most sensitive skins (especially eczema/psoriasis/dermatitis/asthma/allergy sufferers) like me and both my kids.

Grey Water Friendly

Safe for use in septic, waste water, grey water and bio cycle systems.  In fact, I have had a number of customers on bio cycle systems come back to me and tell me that quarterly testing has shown their system has never been in better health than once they started using Tri Nature!

Recyclable containers and packaging.

All the containers, bottles, bags, buckets and tubs are recyclable.  I also really love that the void fill (packaging around your products inside the box) is shredded office paper.  To be clear, the paper itself drives me nuts when I am unpacking my orders, but I LOVE the fact that it is a fully recycled product that comes from the Tri Nature office or is sourced from local businesses.  Tri Nature have not had some special filler made and shipped in to pack their orders.  They have just used what they have local access to.  Clever and better for the planet!

I get a couple more goes out of this packaging which makes it even MORE eco friendly.  I use the shredded paper for my chickens in their nesting boxes.  Once they are done with it, it goes into my compost bins to be made back into plant food.  Everybody wins!

Supported by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Made to the highest standard of environmental responsibility, from seed to store.

Low sudsing to keep our waterways clean.

Started in 1989, so a reliable, trusted brand