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Doing the dirty

I have been cheating on Tri Nature

There, I said it.  I have been cheating on Tri Nature.  Shocking, I know!  Actually, it’s not the first time.  There was a time once, only once, before, a few years ago.  Do you want to know something even more shocking?  It was totally worth it, both times!

Back in November, we headed away for a weekend of camping with 5 kids (2 of ours, 2 of his and a ring-in).  I usually have all the bathroom essentials in the caravan but I had forgotten that we used up all the shampoo and conditioner the trip before and I hadn’t replaced them.

So off we go to a place with a swimming pool and 2 teenage girls with long hair and we don’t have any shampoo and conditioner.  Oh my!  I had no choice but to get something from the supermarket.  What a dilemma.  I haven’t been near that section of the supermarket in years.  What should I get?

I spent about half an hour reading the ingredients on everything, trying to find something that wouldn’t kill the fish and something that wasn’t very expensive.  Teenage girls are not great at portion control when it comes to hair products, plus I knew we wouldn’t be using that product after the weekend.

I ended up with something that ticked all the boxes and was coconut smell.  Bonus!  We all ended up using this product over the weekend.  We had been using Tri Nature only for such a long time, it was exciting to have a new smell and we all love coconut flavour everything!  We were immediately seduced.  It was wonderful.  It smelled so good and it worked just fine.  We got home from our weekend and I hunted down some larger bottles for our shower.

Fast forward a couple of months and every time I wash my hair, I have an itchy scalp.  My hair is dry and doesn’t feel that great anymore.  I am suddenly reminded of some of the reasons why I switched to Tri Nature in the first place.  And I am reminded that I have learned this lesson once before.

A few years ago I bought an eco friendly, natural shampoo and conditioner from a woman at a market.  Great sales person and she had coconut (my kryptonite) and a lemon myrtle flavour.  Got them home and tried them out.  The conditioner was like water and didn’t do anything and I needed more than twice as much shampoo as normal to properly wash my hair.  Very disppointing and again, a great reminder for me of the benefits of Tri Nature.

I have been using Tri Nature so long that I have become complacent.  I am used to the quality of the products, how gentle they are on my body and how economical they are.  I forget how good I have it.  So while I am embarrassed to admit I was lured away ( by the promise of coconut), I don’t regret it, either time.  It has been a great litmus test of what else is out there in the market and a timely reminder of just how good I have it!

Have you been lured away from a favourite product of yours, only to be disappointed?  Comment below.

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