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9 ways to be a more eco friendly Gift giver

9 ways to be a more eco friendly gift giver

It’s that time of year when we are all in a gift giving frenzy.  The shops are designed to entice us to buy with all things shiny and new.  It’s also a great time of year to put on the eco responsible hat and look for some little ways to help reduce our contribution to landfill.  Here are a couple of suggestions about how you can be a more eco friendly gift giver this Christmas.  Of course, these tips apply any time of year for any gift-giving occasion.

  1. Use your kids’ artwork or the local newspaper as gift wrap.
  2. Make your own gifts such as food or something from recycled materials
    1. truffles,
    2. cupcakes,
    3. fudge,
    4. shortbread or for kids,
    5. gift the dry ingredients and a recipe in an old pasta jar with some home made labelling
    6. Make the kids’ artwork into a book showcasing some of the highlights from the last 12 months
  3. Choose gifts that are useful and will be used quickly rather than something that might become clutter
    1. body wash
    2. shampoo & conditioner
    3. Moisturiser
    4. Bath Salts
    5. Skin Care
  4. Gift an experience instead of “stuff”.
  5. Gift something pre-loved.  Opp shops have some amazing things in them that you cannot find in other shops.  You may find a beautiful old tea set that’s just right, or that you could use to make your own candles in for gifts.  You just never know until you look!  Gumtree or FaceBook Marketplace can be great for a scroll too.  Opp shop tea towels make great wrapping paper or you can turn them into a replacement for cling wrap with some beeswax and an iron.
  6. Stick with brands that won’t harm the earth and who tick some or all of the below list:
    1. non-toxic ingredients
    2. recyclable packaging
    3. ethically sourced ingredients
    4. ethically made goods (workers paid fairly and have good conditions)
    5. locally made.
  7. Give a gift that helps someone else become more eco friendly such as eco safe personal care, a reusable cup or water bottle, reusable grocery bags, etc.  Tupperware or reusable containers are especially handy for Christmas leftovers and help people cut down on waste.
  8. Gift your time.  This could be in the form of volunteering at a charity instead of a gift, or blocking out a day to spend with a loved one where the day is all about them. This works especially well as a gift for kids.
  9. Gift a donation to an eco charity such as wildlife conservation.

If you have some tips you would like to share, please get in touch or leave them in the comments below.  I would love to hear from you!

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