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Everyday Essential Oils

When I say Everyday Essential Oils, I want to be clear upfront.  I’m not going to be telling you how a splash of clove oil will magically re-attach a severed limb or drinking 5 drops a day of Frankincense will cure cancer.  I have actually been a bit reluctant to write this post because there is just so much “mythinformation” out there about Essential Oils.

I was slow to embrace EO’s because there seemed to be a fine line between Camp A preaching how dangerous they are if used incorrectly, and Camp B renouncing all western medicine and claiming all ailments can be cured with them.

To be honest, I am not even sure what it was that got me over the line in trying them initially. It’s just that I was packing the other day to go bush for the weekend and I realised that I now pack a couple of EO’s as part of my travel kit. While I would never use EO’s instead of a first aid kit, there are 3 oils that I tend to bring along as a complement to it.  I thought it was time to share these oils and what I use them for.

Lavender Essential Oil

First up is Lavender EO.  This is THE BOMB for dabbing on mozzie/midgee/insect bites, itchy rashes and general skin irritations.  It takes the itch away and soothes inflammation.  It might sting if there’s broken skin but the upside to that is that Lavender EO also has antibacterial properties so it helps to prevent infections.

Lavender EO is one of the few essential oils that properly qualified aromatherapists will tell you can be applied neat, directly to skin and I absolutely use it this way, as well as in the diffuser and in a spray.

My daughter is allergic to mozzie bites and if I leave them untreated, they turn into big, angry, infected welts.  If I rub a bit of lavender EO onto them whenever they start to irritate her, they are usually gone within 2-3 days and without any major scratching.

Also super handy when bushwalking to dab a bit of lavender EO onto any ankles that are itchy from brushing past irritating plants and grass!

Another thing I have used Lavender EO for is burns, including sunburn.  I know!  It sounds counter-intuitive to put oil on a burn.  Let me tell you, I have had first hand experience on more than one occasion that it works. You put it on ASAP after the burn has occurred.  Lavender EO takes the sting out of the burn faster than anything else I have ever tried.  That was a blessed relief the time I spilled the boilingest boiling water ever down my back (cup of tea in a travel mug with a loose lid chucked into my handbag and slung over my shoulder….I have special talents….).

I think most people are aware of Lavender EO’s calming, comforting, relaxing properties.  It is excellent to spray or diffuse in the general vicinity of restless insomniacs of any age to help them get to sleep.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree EO is another essential oil that properly qualified aromatherapists will tell you can be applied neat, directly to skin and I make full use of this.

Tea Tree EO also has antibacterial properties so it is great for dabbing onto cuts and wounds if they need a clean out and you don’t have he facilities to clean them properly.

One of the things I like to do with Tea Tree EO is dab it onto random skin conditions.  For example, several years ago my daughter got a little lump on her back.  Sort of like a pimple crossed with a wart.  A couple of months later it hadn’t gone away and off we went to the doctor.  It turned out to be a molluscum contagiosum.  A highly contagious skin condition that you have to leave alone or it will scar and that can take 2 years to go away.

I would like to congratulate myself here for not squeezing it even though it so desperately looked like it should be squeezed.  I thought I would have a go with tea tree EO.  I started dabbing some on each night after the bath.  Within a month, the lump had dried up and fallen off.  I was pretty happy with that result!

Tea Tree EO can also be used to help combat colds and flu and inflammation, particularly in the lower back.  It is an excellent oil to add to blends for diffusing or massaging into the skin to ease congestion and pain caused by swelling.

One of the most common uses for Tea Tree EO in our house is as a deterrent for nits and lice!  Whenever we are coming into lice season or a case has been reported in someone’s class, I spray some of this into the kids’ hair each day for a week or so as a repellent.  I put about 10 drops into a 50ml bottle with some dispersant (to mix the oil and water) and then fill with water and spray away.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Last but not least is Peppermint EO.  This is such a handy one to carry around all the time (unless you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or less than 3 years old).

Peppermint EO is brilliant for combating fatigue, headaches, shock, respiratory colds and nausea.  A couple of drops on a cotton ball is very handy for sniffing:

  • when you need a driver reviver
  • when studying, to aid concentration
  • for relief from a headache
  • when you feel like you are going to vomit
  • to help with travel sickness
  • if you have a chesty cold and need to ease the congestion
  • Sunday morning when you have a hang over and you need to get on with your day!

Although not recommended during pregnancy, peppermint EO is fabulous and safe to use during labour to help with the nausea.  Peppermint EO is the quiet achiever and I am amazed at how often I use this one.

Mixing it Up

The suggestions I have made above are mostly ways you can use these 3 oils in their own.  You can also blend these oils with other oils to increase the impact on whichever condition you are trying to combat.  There are recipes for each of these oils in the photo gallery for that oil.  You can follow the link from the oil headings above or head to the Aroma section of my website.

If you have any questions at all about these oils or any others, please get in touch.  I don’t bite and I love to help.

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